Launch a side project in  4 weeks

Go from ideation to launching a side-project that can make you financially independent with structured guidance and networking

Accepting 100 builders in Cohort 7

Get a $500 grant for launching in 4 weeks

Your side-project can also get a seed investment of $50k if selected by our mentor, Mohit

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Application Starts

5th Oct'22

APplication Deadline

10th Nov'22

Cohort Starts

19th Nov'22

4 weeks & 4 sprints to get your side project off the ground

Ideation & Pitching

Generate, discuss and finalise your idea with peers and mentors

Market Research & Validation

Learn how to validate your side-project and arrive at a strategy

Plan and Build your MVP

From no-code to development, ship your MVP fast

Launch and GTM strategy

Learn how to launch successfully and get your first users

“The Mastertheme team provides excellent support, listens to their users and continually works to improve their product”

John Doe, Ideaa Strategy

They will help you launch your side-project

Together they have built and launched 100+ side-projects and are India's top builders

Candidate Operations Lead @ On Deck

No-Code Superhero

Madhuri Maram

Co-founder @ Xperian & Nocoloco

Intersection of Design + MVP + No-Code

Abhash Kumar

Head of Marketing @ Springrole

No-Code and Product Hunt Master

Mohit Mamoria

CEO @ Mailman

Serial Maker

Suhas Motwani

Co-founder @ Indistractable, TheProductFolks

Has lots of ideas and builds large communities

Raj Kunkolienkar

Founder @ Stoa

Audience building and ideas man

Chaitanya Choudhary

Senior Developer @ On Deck

Can build anything

Abhishek Aggrawal

Growing Sheroes full-time.

Angel invests & builds projects on the side

Abhishek Patil

Co-Founder, GrowthX

Growth aficionado. Can help acquire users for any project

Kshitiz Anand

AVP Design, PayTM

You will never meet a person who gets so much done on the side


Community @ PH & built Shoutout

SaaS, community and side-projects aficionado

Prashant Sharma

Ex Int'l Growth @ On Deck & Springboard

Takes bet on people and makes them successful

Community Champions

Meet your second layer of support who will answer any/every question around anything under the sun wrt to building side-projects

Niti Shree

Product Manager @ CreatorStack

Rahul Seth

Director @ Antler VC

Nagesh Bansal

Head of Product Engineering @Zomentum

Sudip Chakraborty

Building for the future of work

Himanshu Khanna

Founder Openvy & Sparklin

Utkarsh Bhimte

Senior Software Developer @ Springboard

Learning, building and community you need to get started


Get personal guidance from mentors and core team. We will work 1:1 as well as in groups to help you hone in on a side project aligned with your skills, interest and passion


Learn from experts via workshops. Attend deep drill-down sessions every week with experts who have built and scaled side projects


Collaborate and discuss with the community. Be accountable to your goals with peers, discuss, collaborate, get feedback and pitch your ideas all with the help of community champions

Applications OPen

Accepting 100 builders in the SIXTH cohort

Ready to make the highest ROI investment of 25k to build your side-project?

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